In the center there, that’s the copy of Oliver Hart I bought before I ever met “Eyedea.” I was about 14 or 15. To the kids in my high school, Eyedea was considered galaxies away, a superstar who wouldn’t bother talking to normal earthlings, due to his superior talents of expression and his worldwide notoriety. Yet a little over a decade later I’m operating his record label, holding one of the first copies of the Oliver Hart vinyl in my hands. It’s all very bittersweet to watch it unfold without him. I wish more than anything, that he were still here. Tomorrow, admire the Oliver Hart vinyl, or perhaps Micheal’s legacy as a whole, and know that the kids at my high school had it (almost) completely wrong. Eyedea was approachable, he was down to earth, and perhaps most importantly, he belonged amongst the stars.

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